SCCA Arabic Moot - Semi Final Hearings

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SCCA Arabic Moot - Semi Final Hearings


12:30 PM - 06:00 PM
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SCCA International Arabic Moot


SCCA International Arabic Moot (SIAM5) is a legal competition for students at faculties of Sharia and law at Arab universities and beyond. Participants compete to plead a hypothetical arbitration case simulating an international commercial case, thereby polishing their legal skills to plead before international arbitral tribunals and elevating their personal competence and legal knowledge to give them a full picture of the law and procedures.  Because of the international importance of arbitration as an alternative means for resolving commercial disputes, SCCA aims to encourage these students to study international commercial law and study commercial arbitration and the associated law. SIAM equips them with the necessary practical skills and puts them into contact with top international arbitrators and elite law firms, opening the door to career opportunities for outstanding students, as well as highlighting Arab talent, and enabling them to compete at the international level.


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