Pakistan-Saudi Investment, Geopolitics & Breakfast

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Pakistan-Saudi Investment, Geopolitics & Breakfast


08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently announced a $20 billion investment venture in Pakistan. Organized jointly by Four Golf Road Chambers and the Rule of Law Institute of Pakistan, this breakfast session will present the collective wisdom of thought-leaders from the law, police, military and commerce sector on the historic geopolitical / commercial relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia along with the nature of investments between the two countries and the future face of dispute resolution of land, sea and air disputes in the South-Asia Arabia axis.  The combined experience of this panel’s speakers covers work in almost all the 193 member states of the United Nations. This practical knowledge-packed session will take place over a traditional Pakistani-Saudi breakfast bringing into focus the significance of food in commercial dealing and dispute resolution. 


Moderator - Mr. Toby T. Landau KC (VP SCCA, Duxton Hill Chambers)
Speaker - Barrister Nudrat B. Majeed (Four Golf Road Chambers)
Speaker - Mr. A. Khan (Senior Officer, Civil Service of Pakistan)
Speaker - Captain Ian Park (Officer, British Royal Navy)
Speaker - Senior Industry Specialist 


Toby Landau will moderate the session by mapping out the geopolitical landscape, identifying geopolitical challenges in international arbitration, investment and dispute resolution then generate a dynamic discussion to practically help practitioners navigate the turbulent waters of geopolitics, rule of law and ADR.


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00 SAR


Mr. Toby T. Landau Kings Counsel

Mr. Toby T. Landau Kings Counsel

Barrister | Arbitrator | Thought-Leader

Duxton Hill Chambers Singapore

Captain Ian Park

Captain Ian Park

Naval Officer | Barrister | Legal Advisor

Royal Navy of the United Kingdom

Barrister Nudrat Bayan Majeed

Barrister Nudrat Bayan Majeed

Barrister | Lecturer | Mediator

Four Golf Road Chambers Pakistan

Mr. A. Khan

Mr. A. Khan

CSP Officer | Economist | Med-Arb Specialist

Government of Pakistan


Hilton Hotel Riyadh RIDW Campus Eastern Ring Road Riyadh

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